14 Dec

HML – Know the Different Meaning and Context of the Web Jargon!

Web jargons have become extremely popular these days. The popular abbreviations are used on a daily basis depending on the person and the situation. You may have no clue what I’m talking about, but surely you make use of many of the web jargons in your daily life while talking to friends over phone or SMS. With these slangs words like LOL, HML, ROFL or TTUL, life has become more comfortable, less time consuming and exciting. Have you ever asked anyone of your friend to come ASAP? Perhaps, the abbreviation of ‘As Soon As Possible’ is probably one of the most used web jargons. But this is not the only one! There’re various slang words which are frequently used, but most of us are unaware of the full forms.

Some popular Web Jargons

We all live in the age of the Internet where social media sites and social messengers have acquired uncountable followers and users. Almost every internet users use Facebook and WhatsApp, and these two have become the essential parts of our lives. We all come across some words on the two platforms which seem odd but add an extra flavor of style to a sentence! Hence, we also want to make ourselves sound good. So, let’s discover some of the famous and well-used web jargons of today’s culture.

LOL – Possibly the most used and well-recognized web jargon LOL stands for Laughing Out Loud. When a hilarious topic comes out, people portray their laughter by sending the term. This term is primarily used in informal texts.

ROFL – ‘Rolling on the Floor Laughing’ or ROFL denotes the situation when you hear something so funny that you are rolling on the floor in laughter. This is also an informal jargon which has a widespread use in texts.

TTUL – If you’re busy and cannot talk to anyone at the moment, you can make use of the web jargon. TTUL describes the term: ‘Talk to You (U) Later.’

HML – While all of the above slang words are quite familiar, but this one is among those which aren’t so accustomed. HML stands for two different meanings. One is ‘Hate My Life’ and another is ‘Hit My Line.’

More about HML

As you can see, the meanings of the HML are entirely different from each other. So, the confusion can come quickly. Both the phrases are opposite to each other and used in various contexts to express different situations.

1. Hate My Life

When you’re frustrated about the incidents happening in your life, you can make use of HML as Hate My Life. The negative emotions taking place in your life can be well-expressed with the phrase.

e.g., Going for an interview and a crow pooped on the shirt, HML!

2. Git My Line

The second expression of HML is used to tell someone to call or get in touch with you later. Where the Hit signifies getting in touch, Line denotes the contact number of the speaker.

e.g., Long days no contacts, HML.

Final Words

There are more web jargons present on the internet than you can ever imagine! The HML is one of the most confusing slang words you can come across. If you make a little mistake, the contrary meaning can make you completely misunderstand the purpose of a sentence. In order to not make the blunder, you can know the different contexts of using HML on a meticulous article on LayerPoint.

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